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The Effect of Resistance Training on High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a key vital sign that describes the force the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels. Blood pressure readings are comprised of both the systolic (the “top” number) and diastolic (the “bottom” number) values that correspond to the contraction or relaxation phases of the cardiac cycle, respectively. As of this […]

Part V: Current Recommendations for Youth Resistance Training

Hopefully after our journey through Part I, Part II, Part III  and Part IV of this series it is clear that youth benefit from a variety of stimuli in their overall training plan. Resistance training is a critically important part of this approach. The question now becomes: what is the ideal dose of resistance training […]

Resistance Training for Youth: Part IV

In part four of the Resistance Training for Youth series, we’ll discuss the role of different training elements (or modalities) in athletic development. We recommend reading  Part I, Part II, and Part III for some necessary background information before moving on to this one. As always, thanks for reading! A variety of training modalities are […]

Resistance Training for Youth: Part III

Part III will focus on the specific effects of resistance training on youth athletes. As mentioned in the previous parts of this series, resistance training is effective for increasing performance and reducing the risk of injury in athletes. Here we will explore the mechanisms by which it may elicit these effects. (Editor’s note: Click here […]

Resistance Training for Youth: Part II

If early sports specialization is not advantageous in most scenarios, and with an epidemic of inactivity among our youth, we need to find a more effective means of promoting habits for lifelong physical activity. Enter the Long Term Athletic Development Model popularized from a paper by Ford et al in 2011. This framework was originally […]

Resistance Training for Youth: Part I

This series will analyze current evidence for training the general youth populations as well as for those who already consider themselves athletes. We will give a historical perspective on the state of strength training in youth and offer recommendations for training individuals and teams. These recommendations will serve as the basis for developing strength and […]


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