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Why Barbell Training?

The Starting Strength Linear Progression is an efficient, effective method to build strength for people from all walks of life from all different backgrounds. If you’ve never worked through a comprehensive strength training program (one with a plan, clear progress, and an end goal), the SS linear progression is for you.

Some of you might want to lift a lot of weight. Some of you want to start small and take the next step in taking charge of your overall health and wellness by training. In improving your strength, which is the production of force against an external resistance via training, you’ll not only get stronger, which is helpful in all of life and just pretty cool, but your other physical skills and your quality of life will increase. If you’re an athletic person now, being stronger means you can throw farther, run faster, and become better in your sport. If you’re completely untrained and eager to live a fuller life, increasing your strength now means you are better able to do all kinds of daily tasks, even more than just helping your friend move. A stronger person has an easier time moving their own body, carrying things (even groceries and kids), and has a more developed sense of balance. The appropriate stress of barbell training will lead to the adaptations of muscle growth, increased bone density, and increased recruitment of motor neurons. Why start barbell training? Why not!

What is the Starting Strength Linear Progression?

We use the large-scaled, multi-joint exercises of the squat, deadlift, press, bench press, and power clean in order to use the most muscle mass possible, over the most effective range of motion, and using the most weight. These lifts, using the whole body, allow enough weight to be used to provide sufficient stress and adaptation. If we use exercises focusing on individual parts of the body, we lack the capacity to induce this same level of whole body stress with any sort of training economy. Each of these five lifts can be incrementally loaded, so we will manipulate the load from training session to training session needed to drive strength development.

You will train three times a week, as in Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu/Sa, (unless we determine you will benefit from two sessions a week based on your recovery ability) with your sessions broken down into two basic days, A and B. The entire body is worked each session. As you progress and submit videos and notes for coach review, we’ll help you adjust these sessions in order to progress well. The goal of the SS Novice Linear Progression is to add weight to the bar each training session for as long as you are able. Then we’ll help you make adjustments to the program to continue adding weight each week, meeting your goal of becoming stronger.

Why the Barbell Medicine Starting Strength Training Group?

One of the great things about the Starting Strength Linear Progression is that you CAN do it on your own. You can read the book, learn the lifts, and progress from session to session. However, we see over and over that a new trainee doesn’t do this. As Marie Kunkel, Nicholas Racculia, PhD, SSC, and Jerome Wisneski, SSC discovered and reported in the article WNDTP, it is very common to begin the program and then not work to the end. Why? Well, you might struggle to learn one of more of the lifts, even with the comprehensive help of the book or videos. You might need someone to look at YOUR movement and offer constructive feedback. You might get excited at the beginning and start too heavy or make weight jumps that are too much, then stalling far too soon. You might be hesitant to add weight at all, wondering if you’re lifting correctly. Then there are adjustments to the Linear Progression, like when to add power cleans and chins, how often to deadlift, whey to add a light squat day, or when to repeat a weight before moving on. There is information out there to help you with all of these things, but with the Barbell Medicine Training Group, you’ll have the guidance of a Starting Strength Coach, online video reviews, a private Facebook group for your reviews and questions. You might be the only person you know training like this, and you might start to wonder if you should add something else, use some of the machines at the gym, do some extra cardio, or if you’ll actually be able to keep adding weight. With this training group, you’ll have accountability and someone to help you see this to its end.

We want to see you get stronger, so we’re going to help you all along the way.

Email us for more information or to sign up for the first training group: info@barbellmedicine.com

Things to have:

  • Strength training is pretty simple. You’ll need access to the following:
  • A barbell
  • Weight plates (iron or bumpers)
  • A rack and bench
  • Flat-soled shoes (hard-soled weightlifting shoes are preferred)
  • Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training book 

Program Includes:

  • Starting Strength Linear Progression with the Squat, Bench, Press, Deadlift, and Power Clean
  • Help in programming several variables: deadlift frequency, introduction of PC, chins/back ext, and micro-loading or resets of lifts as needed
  • A warm-up plan
  • Guidance from session to session: weight selection for your next session
  • Video Review by a Starting Strength Coach of any one lift for every training LP training session
  • General nutrition guidelines and tips
  • Accountability to encourage your successful LP run
  • No specific macro coaching provided
  • Limited enrollment
  • This is limited to Novice Linear Progression, intermediate programming is not covered in the program

Program begins July 15, 2016, and ends Oct 15, 2016:

  • 12 week program, 3 training sessions per week
  • 3 month program commitment
  • $55/month

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