Charlie Dickson

Charlie Dickson is an intern for the Pain and Rehab Division of Barbell Medicine. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with his B.S. in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech and is currently a 2nd year Doctor of Physical Therapy Student at Radford University. Charlie has been strength training for 11 years and began powerlifting in 2014. He went on to win the Junior 83kg International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Championship in the summer of 2018. When Charlie isn’t studying or lifting heavy things, you can find him playing with his 3 poodles, hiking, or contemplating the meaning of life.

Education & Credentials
-Radford University - Doctor of Physical Therapy (2017-present)
-Virginia Tech - Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (2017)

-2018 USAPL Raw Nationals: 93kg 5th place
-2018 IPF 83kg Junior World Champion
-2017 USAPL Raw Nationals: 83kg silver medalist
-2016 Arnold Pro Raw Challenge: 83kg gold medalist, best overall junior lifter
Charlie has achieved personal best lifts of a 675lbs squat, 440lbs bench press, and a 715lbs deadlift.

Core Stability: Does it Matter?

Low back pain is commonly attributed to a ‘weak core’ or a lack of ‘core stability’, and this leads to lots of advice about ‘activating your core’ as a way to mitigate or prevent back pain. Although these terms are used with a high degree of certainty and confidence, is it possible to accurately define […]


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