Derek Miles

Derek Miles is a residency trained physical therapist currently working at Stanford Children’s Hospital as the Advanced Clinical Specialist in the rehabilitation department. He worked at the University of Florida prior for 10 years in sports medicine treating a variety of athletic injuries from overuse to post-operative. He is involved in the peer review process for academic journals and has spoken at national level conferences within the physical therapy profession. If not treating patients or in the gym Derek is likely either cooking some form of meat or reading books related to various random topics. He occasionally brews a pretty good American Pale Ale as well.

Resistance Training for Youth: Part I

This series will analyze current evidence for training the general youth populations as well as for those who already consider themselves athletes. We will give a historical perspective on the state of strength training in youth and offer recommendations for training individuals and teams. These recommendations will serve as the basis for developing strength and […]

Strength Training for the Endurance Athlete Part III: Programming

The benefits of resistance training for reducing injury risk in endurance athletes was covered in  Part 1 of this series.  In Part 2, we examined the role of resistance training with respect to endurance performance and the fundamental principles of programming. Today we will wrap things up by discussing the practical implementation of resistance training […]


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