Tom Campitelli

Thomas Campitelli began his barbell coaching career in 2009 and his clients have included the elderly and infirm as well as national and international competitors in powerlifting. Based out of sunny Oakland, CA, he travels extensively throughout the US and the world to coach and lecture at barbell seminars. Tom works with lifters of all levels of ability both in-person and remotely, and has many years of experience assisting his trainees at competitions where he provides a calm demeanor and an excellent eye for attempt selection. He brings an expansive understanding of human movement and strength programming as well as a compassionate approach to his coaching that enables his clients to succeed at their varied pursuits.

Returning to the Gym

Introduction If it has been some time since you last exercised, whether due to COVID-related restrictions or other circumstances, there is one important point to remember: your first workout upon your return is not the keystone to your future athletic development. It is also not the ideal time to match or exceed your previous personal […]


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