Tom Campitelli

The Barbell Medicine Guide to Tendinopathy

If you are experiencing pain at a joint that started over time, typically is worse with more activity, and did not have a particular event that led to its onset, you may be experiencing tendinopathy. This is commonly seen in the following areas: This guide will describe what tendinopathy is and provide strategies to decrease […]

Returning to the Gym

Introduction If it has been some time since you last exercised, whether due to COVID-related restrictions or other circumstances, there is one important point to remember: your first workout upon your return is not the keystone to your future athletic development. It is also not the ideal time to match or exceed your previous personal […]

Where should my priorities be to improve my health?

People are bombarded with conflicting and confusing information from multiple sources on health related topics. This makes it hard to recognize who to trust, what information to believe, and what to apply to your own life in hopes of improving health and longevity. With this resource we hope to target a handful of behaviors and […]


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