Quick Sciatica Pain Relief

What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a general term used to describe back pain that travels down the leg. While it doesn’t have an official definition, it is often used to specify pain in this area though to be related to a nerve or nerve root. Loss of normal function of a nerve is called radiculopathy […]

Does SI Joint Movement Cause Hip and Low Back Pain?

Pain in the hips and low back are common reasons people visit doctors and physical therapists. These professionals are often tasked with identifying a cause for the pain. Unfortunately, in many cases their explanations are unjustified, oversimplified, unhelpful, or simply wrong. In this article we will discuss a common explanation for pain in these regions: […]

Training With Hip Pain Part II

In the first article of this series we provided an introduction to the hip, discussing anatomy as well as ideas about “normal” versus “abnormal” findings of the hip. Today we will move on to discuss the first of our common diagnostic categories for hip pain: Tendinopathy. For a general overview on tendinopathy, start HERE. For […]


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