Abnormal Labs in Exercise Part I: Kidney Function

We frequently receive questions from lifters who see their doctors and get a variety of screening tests done, including bloodwork. Interpreting lab data accurately can be a tricky endeavor, particularly for individuals who lack training in clinical medicine. Simple comparison of results against the lab reference ranges, for example, is a recipe for problems ranging […]

Shades of Gray: Sex, Gender, and Fairness in Sport

The role of gender in sports dates to the 1890’s and the birth of the modern Olympic movement. When asked about the inclusion of women in the Olympics, the founder of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and father of the modern Olympic Games, Pierre de Coubertin, said, “Women have but one task: that of crowning […]

An Open Letter About Leaving Starting Strength

In late February, 2018 of this year, after a series of back and forth emails, I informed Rip et al that I was resigning from Starting Strength. Since then, there has been a large amount of chatter on the Internet about what happened and what’s next. This letter aims to address both topics. To really […]

The Barbell Medicine Seminar: Explained

We are very excited about our upcoming Barbell Medicine Seminar (Next one in Tempe, AZ in March 2018). For those who still aren’t quite sure what the weekend will involve, we wanted to talk a bit more about the idea behind the project. For the past several years we have emphasized the importance of strength training […]

Transforming My Life, One Rep at a Time

By Leah Lutz Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about my new hobby, my new life, and my new confidence. My life has been profoundly altered with strength training and the nutrition coaching from Barbell Medicine. Three years ago, January 2013, I sent an email to a random guy on the […]

Starting Strength Camps in Australia

Tom Campitelli and I are going to visit Australia this January to hold a series of extended Starting Strength Camps. While camps normally cover one or two lifts, we will be spending approximately eight hours to go over the squat, press, and deadlift at each workshop. The hallmarks of Starting Strength instruction are the excellent […]

The Fatal Flaw of (most) Physical Therapy

By Austin Baraki, MD, SSC This past week I was alerted to a new article in the journal Physical Therapy by Falvey et al. titled “Rethinking Hospital-Acquired Deconditioning: Proposed Paradigm Shift” (abstract, thanks to Dr. Scotty Butcher for the tip). It is an excellent piece in one of the leading Physical Therapy journals that provides […]

What Happens When a Powerlifter Goes to the CrossFit Games?

About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my first CrossFit Games, held every summer since 2007 in sunny southern California. Let me just get this out of the way- I had a GREAT time. Truly. If you’re a fan of strength sports like Olympic lifting, strong man, or powerlifting then you’d absolutely love […]

Exercise Recommendations in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement Initiative

By Jordan Feigenbaum, Emily Sanchez, Brandon Schabacker, and Movicque King Updated 3/30/2016 Readers, I’m posting part of a quality improvement project I’ve been working on that I’ve referenced in an upcoming interview. I’m putting this on the website so people can access it, if needed, in the hopes that exercise- specifically resistance training and high […]

GainzZz™ in Clinical Practice Part II

By Austin Baraki In our first article we defined sarcopenia as a loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. We discussed how disuse, poor nutrition, neuromuscular changes, hormonal status, and chronic inflammation contribute to loss of skeletal muscle protein. In today’s article we’ll examine the other side of the equation that affect skeletal muscle protein […]


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