Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete pt. 1.5

Just a little pre-weekend update before I head down to Atlanta to hang out with the Starting Strength crew and help out at Rip’s seminar being held at AK CrossFit. Should be a good time, but I wanted to get into how I would go about identifying goals and programming them for the specific blocks […]

Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete: Part I

By Jordan Feigenbaum Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen or heard of the CrossFit Games. An annual competition, the CrossFit Games (CFG) and their sponsors attract some of the top athletes from around the world to come and battle it out for the title “Fittest Man” […]

2012 USAPL Raw Nationals

I’ll be chronicling my participation in the USAPL Raw Nationals (181 class) on this post and will update it throughout the weekend. You can watch the live stream here Pre Meet Prep: Taper started two weeks ago. No heavy pulls in last 14 days. Hoping to be super fresh when I hit the platform. […]

Meet Recap and a Challenge

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out the blog once again. Today’s post is about my powerlifting meet (USAPL MO State Raw Meet) and a little challenge I’m extending to all of you. To the uninitiated, a powerlifting meet consists of three lifts- the squat, bench press, and deadlift. For each lift you have three attempts […]


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