Fear, Catastrophizing, and Training

Introduction Regular followers are likely familiar with our interest in a “biopsychosocial” approach to both training and injury, particularly the modifiable psychological factors that can have significant effects on performance, recovery, and subsequent adaptation. One important phenomenon we discuss frequently in the context of acute injury and persistent pain is catastrophizing. Catastrophizing is a complex …

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Placebo Sleep?

A 2014 paper by Draganich & Erdal studied the effect of sleep on cognitive functioning in 164 undergraduate students – with an interesting twist. Participants were given a questionnaire in which they ranked how deeply they had slept the prior night on a scale of 1-10. Subjects received education about REM sleep and cognitive function, …

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The Double Funnel of Programming

By Jordan Feigenbaum This post was inspired by a recent Facebook post of another coach, Jacob Tsypkin, owner of TZ Strength when he mentioned the idea of optimal exercise programming resembling a “Funnel.” This triggered a previously stored memory where I read of Canova and Gigliotti, two very prominent international-level endurance coaches, in the book The Science …

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Programming For the CrossFit Games Athlete Part 5

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW CC, Starting Strength Staff You can read parts one, 1.5, two , three, and four, before checking this installment in. To begin with, here is my athlete ladies and gents: [youtube=] He’s a dark horse and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in competition. That being …

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Programming For the CrossFit Games Athlete Pt. II

The idea is to give the athlete the best preparation for CrossFit competitions, which will start in late February. You may notice the trend of a heavy focus on strength training and shorter conditioning efforts in both the preparation and in-season training template examples. This is in stark contrast to the longer “chipper-style” metabolic conditioning …

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