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An Open Letter About Leaving Starting Strength

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In late February, 2018 of this year, after a series of back and forth emails, I informed Rip et al that I was resigning from Starting Strength. Since then, there has been a large amount of chatter on the Internet about what happened and what’s next. This letter aims to address both topics. To really understand what happened we need a brief backstory about the beginnings of Barbell Medicine. From 2008-2012 I was working as Director of Education for a large personal training company in Missouri while also coaching full-time and completing my Master’s Degree in Clinical Anatomy and Physiology….

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The science of where YOUR pain comes from.

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Longtime followers will be well aware that chronic back pain is a widely prevalent, complex, and often disabling problem (see here, here, and here). A wide array of specialized interventions have been developed over the years, and many of these have taken hold in clinical practice without strong evidence for their effectiveness. This paper discusses recent data from trials on radiofrequency denervation as a treatment for selected patients with chronic back pain. The idea is to identify a suspected structural “nociceptive driver”, such as an arthritic facet joint or sacroiliac joint. This peripheral focus of noxious stimulus is often also…

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The Barbell Medicine Seminar: Explained

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We are very excited about our upcoming Barbell Medicine Seminar (Next one in Tempe, AZ in March 2018 Click Here For More Info). For those who still aren’t quite sure what the weekend will involve, we wanted to talk a bit more about the idea behind the project. For the past several years we have emphasized the importance of strength training for health and successful aging. We’ve written a number of articles, given lectures, and recorded podcasts discussing strength & conditioning as they pertain to various health conditions. However, we still get questions on a daily basis from folks working through…

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Transforming My Life, One Rep at a Time

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By Leah Lutz Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about my new hobby, my new life, and my new confidence. My life has been profoundly altered with strength training and the nutrition coaching from Barbell Medicine. Three years ago, January 2013, I sent an email to a random guy on the internet, Jordan Feigenbaum, that changed my life. Hi Jordan, I have been reading on the nutrition forum [at startingstrength.com], but I am interested in a private consult. I am way too embarrassed to put my stats on the internet, and I really need a plan. …

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Starting Strength Camps in Australia

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Tom Campitelli and I are going to visit Australia this January to hold a series of extended Starting Strength Camps. While camps normally cover one or two lifts, we will be spending approximately eight hours to go over the squat, press, and deadlift at each workshop. The hallmarks of Starting Strength instruction are the excellent quality of coaching and the favorable trainee-to-coach ratio. This tradition is continued with our Australian camps. We will go over the reasons why we teach the lifts as we do and then we will coach you on the platform to reinforce the material. The camps…

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The Fatal Flaw of (most) Physical Therapy

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By Austin Baraki, MD, SSC This past week I was alerted to a new article in the journal Physical Therapy by Falvey et al. titled “Rethinking Hospital-Acquired Deconditioning: Proposed Paradigm Shift” (abstract, thanks to Dr. Scotty Butcher for the tip). It is an excellent piece in one of the leading Physical Therapy journals that provides evidence-based practice recommendations, and is worth the read if you have journal access. Many of the concepts in today’s discussion were previously covered in the sarcopenia article series on this site (starting here), but I’d like to re-iterate some of the points made in this…

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What Happens When a Powerlifter Goes to the CrossFit Games?

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By Jordan Feigenbaum About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my first CrossFit Games, held every summer since 2007 in sunny southern California. Let me just get this out of the way- I had a GREAT time. Truly. If you’re a fan of strength sports like Olympic lifting, strong man, or powerlifting then you’d absolutely love attending the Games. Imagine an exciting version of any of the above sports and you get a taste of the Games experience. It’s that good, both the crowd and vendor area are spectacular, and if you don’t read the rest of this…

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Exercise Recommendations in Primary Care: A Quality Improvement Initiative

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By Jordan Feigenbaum, Emily Sanchez, Brandon Schabacker, and Movicque King Updated 3/30/2016 Readers, I’m posting part of a quality improvement project I’ve been working on that I’ve referenced in an upcoming interview. I’m putting this on the website so people can access it, if needed, in the hopes that exercise- specifically resistance training and high intensity interval training will become more widely recommended at the doctor’s office. That said, this article by no means encompasses my thoughts on optimizing exercise recommendations in the primary care setting. Rather, those thoughts will be fully fleshed out in detail at a later date….

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GainzZz™ in Clinical Practice Part II

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By Austin Baraki In our first article we defined sarcopenia as a loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength. We discussed how disuse, poor nutrition, neuromuscular changes, hormonal status, and chronic inflammation contribute to loss of skeletal muscle protein. In today’s article we’ll examine the other side of the equation that affect skeletal muscle protein synthesis (a.k.a. gainzZz™), and how this manifests as hypertrophy. This article is probably the longest and most science-heavy of the series, but bear with me – it does build towards a practical conclusion! [Before we begin, I’d like to make a clarification and correction from…

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GainzZz™ in Clinical Practice: Part I

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This article begins a multi-part series discussing the growing problem of sarcopenia in our aging population. We will discuss our current understanding of sarcopenia, ways to identify it, and how to treat (and hopefully, prevent) it most effectively. This series is meant to complement this fantastic lecture given by Dr. Jonathon Sullivan (M.D., Starting Strength Coach), in which he presented his model of the “Sick Aging Phenotype” characterized by 1) sarcopenia/frailty, 2) the metabolic syndrome, and 3) polypharmacy/medical dependence. It is highly recommended that you watch his lecture in addition to this article, which will focus primarily on the first…

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