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To Be A Beast

By | Nutrition, Potpourri | 106 Comments

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, Starting Strength Staff, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach Updated 01/26/2015: Finally, I have updated what has been the most viewed blog post on this website. This has been a long time coming, mainly to incorporate some changes as to how my thinking has evolved over two years as well as update some of the formulas, charts, and links. In any event, I appreciate everyone who has read, shared, and learned anything from this post. Finally, I should give credit where credit is due. My good friend Cory B. generated the phrase “To be a beast, you…

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Hunger Games: Part One

By | Nutrition | 2 Comments

Hunger Games: Part One By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach In this multi-part series I hope to start unraveling the science behind the phenomenon we call weight loss. My hope is that through an understanding of the mechanisms responsible for obesity and body-fat accumulation as well as body-fat loss and leanness, we will be able to target the causative agents behind the physical appearance. I must give credit where credit is due and the following people provide excellent information concerning this topic: Chris Kresser (www.chriskresser.com), Robb Wolf (www.robbwolf.com), Gary Taubes (www.garytaubes.com), and Stephen Guyenet (www.wholehealthsource.blogspot.com). The remainder…

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Old Country Strong

By | Misc., Nutrition, Training | One Comment

Old Country Strong By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about lifting weights and the physical changes resulting from a steady diet of squats, presses, and pulls. I know, I know, it’s shocking right? What’s really been on my brain, however, is how America’s media outlets have given many, if not all, severe body image issues. Women and men alike seem to want to be waif thin or lean, athletic, and toned rather desiring to be strong, powerful, and capable. These ideals died with the ghosts of meathead’s past and…

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The Food Traveler

By | Misc., Nutrition, Potpourri | 2 Comments

Ok, this weekend, I visited Tampa, Florida to watch my younger brother play his last “home” college baseball games. I got to see him crush the ball a few times, including a bomb to left-center field. (When I say “crush”, I mean “hoooooooly crap, did the short-stop just lose an ear?”.) The timing was great, as a scout for the Los Angeles Angels was there to watch him play. In a few weeks we hope to hear his name announced on ESPN during the 2012 MLB Draft. Zach is a perfect example of someone who uses strength training to elevate…

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How To Get Fat: A Top 10 List

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By Jordan Feigenbaum MS*, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach If the title of the article didn’t give this article’s topic then let’s spell it out, these are the top ten ways to get fat. Use them at your discretion if you want to go up a pant size, get the feeling your car is getting smaller or your clothes are shrinking, and/or reduce your health. Alternatively, you could go against the grain and eschew these ten rules and get lean. The choice is yours; you have THE POWER! 1.    Eat refined foods. Refined foods are fantastic for gaining fat. They…

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Get Your Head Right: Major Misconceptions in the Fitness Game- Part I

By | Nutrition, Training | 2 Comments

By Spencer Garrett Don’t let your misguided views, that have been fed to you by ‘conventional wisdom,’ get in the way of a better you.  So many people want to feel better, get healthier, fitter, look better naked, and have a greater quality of life.  Many are willing to work for it and I applaud your efforts and encourage you to continue on your quest, but PLEASE let me help you focus your energy, blood, sweat and tears (I assume most of you have experienced all of these) in the right direction. Topic: Spot Reduction.  If you are not familiar…

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What’s up, Paleo?- Part 1

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The Paleo diet is getting HUGE! Simply typing in the words “paleo diet” into a Google search yields just over 3.25 million search results! Heck, on Amazon alone there are over 1500 different “paleo” books. Maybe they’re on to something here? For the uninitiated, the paleo diet can be summed up here. Basically, it’s a trip in the way-back machine to how our Paleolithic ancestors probably used to eat. Instead of all the ultra-processed, genetically modified foods that make up a significant part of our diet here in ‘Merica there is a shift towards whole, natural, and organic foods. Synonyms…

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I’m gonna be frank, I love (and hate) food. I love all the tastes, culinary novelties, and the satiety provided by an epic meal. At the same time I hate food. It’s the single biggest factor in people’s lifestyle that they flub up. People will do all the extra cardio, all the extra workouts, and buy all the supplements, but ask them to be consistent and diligent with their nutrition and the wheels fall off the wagon. It truly is amazing the lengths people will go through to get lean, jacked, strong, without paying any attention to single most important…

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