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What’s up, Paleo?- Part 1

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The Paleo diet is getting HUGE! Simply typing in the words “paleo diet” into a Google search yields just over 3.25 million search results! Heck, on Amazon alone there are over 1500 different “paleo” books. Maybe they’re on to something here? For the uninitiated, the paleo diet can be summed up here. Basically, it’s a trip in the way-back machine to how our Paleolithic ancestors probably used to eat. Instead of all the ultra-processed, genetically modified foods that make up a significant part of our diet here in ‘Merica there is a shift towards whole, natural, and organic foods. Synonyms…

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I’m gonna be frank, I love (and hate) food. I love all the tastes, culinary novelties, and the satiety provided by an epic meal. At the same time I hate food. It’s the single biggest factor in people’s lifestyle that they flub up. People will do all the extra cardio, all the extra workouts, and buy all the supplements, but ask them to be consistent and diligent with their nutrition and the wheels fall off the wagon. It truly is amazing the lengths people will go through to get lean, jacked, strong, without paying any attention to single most important…

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