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Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete Pt. III

By | Recovery, Training | 2 Comments

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach, Starting Strength Coach Ahhh, deload weeks…..the week(s) that EVERYONE hates (including me). In this installment I’m posting how I’m letting my athlete do a mini-deload. I call this a mini-deload because it’s not a full-on deload where we are transitioning to a new cycle. Rather, this deload is used to facilitate PR’s during the subsequent two weeks of training. Basically, during the previous three weeks we accumulated volume, intensity, and stress and now we need a mini recovery period to get fresh for the Realizationphase. A lot of people claim that they…

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Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete pt. 1.5

By | Recovery, Training, Weightlifting | 2 Comments

Just a little pre-weekend update before I head down to Atlanta to hang out with the Starting Strength crew and help out at Rip’s seminar being held at AK CrossFit. Should be a good time, but I wanted to get into how I would go about identifying goals and programming them for the specific blocks in the macrocycle. In part one of this series, we broke up the training into four phases: November 14-Dec 31= Block 1 (Preparation Phase) Jan 1- February 14= Block 2 (Pre-Season Phase) February 14- End of Competition (In-Season Phase) End of Competition- Resumption of Preparation…

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Foam Rolling Diaries

By | Misc., Mobility, Recovery | No Comments

While I’m hanging out here on the foam roller I thought I’d write a bit about recovery and see what everyone is doing to help themselves do it ( recover) better. The most important things with regards to recovery are food, sleep, and hormones which are also related to food. The least important things with regards to recovery are foam rolling, stretching, and a ‘cool down’ period. Don’t get me wrong, people would likely be better off to incorporate soft tissue myofascial treatments, mobility work, and a cool down period on a rower or airdyne, but all of this pales…

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Mommy.. It’s Bedtime, Dangit.

By | Recovery, Sleep | 3 Comments

Encouraging someone to change their eating habits is one thing, but sleep? I’ve had better luck teaching my dog, Socks, to clean my room… (Socks is a miniature schnauzer with seemingly, no brain.) Why is it so hard to relax and enjoy this vital natural cycle? In high school, it was our favorite pastime… Stress. I can sit all day and list the culprits; responsibility, providing for others, too much work/not enough play, technology, time management shortcomings, yadi yadi molina… Poor sleep = stubborn body-fat accumulation, impaired recovery, suboptimal hormonal regulation, decreased motivation, productivity, lifespan, etc. Improving one’s quality of sleep is the first…

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