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Press Like A Pro: The Classic Press

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“How do I increase my press?”- The Internet Fresh on the heels of the 2017 USSF Fall Classic, a strengthlifting meet that contests the press instead of the bench press seen in powerlifting meets, there has been a big uptick in folks asking how to increase their press. After seeing some of the big presses this past weekend and the increased interest in USSF meets, I thought it would be timely to discuss some of the things I’ve learned about the press and how to improve it. For perspective, I took my press from 118kg (260lbs) to 125kg (275lbs) at a…

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The Grip Problem

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This article was originally published on StartingStrength.com on August 3rd, 2016. I am reposting it on my own personal blog. All images are property of The Aasgaard Company and cannot be used without approval. The grip in the deadlift is an often overlooked yet crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to performance and the subsequent gainzZz™ from the lift. In the 2nd installment of The Problem series, we’ll discuss the intricacies of gripping the bar in the deadlift, and what to do about it. To begin, let’s discuss why we’re strength training in the first place. The rather obvious…

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12 Ways To Skin The Texas Method

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By Jordan Feigenbaum The Texas Method may be one of the most popular intermediate training programs in existence. Developed by happenstance in Texas (duh) and popularized as a follow-up program to Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Novice Progression (seen here), it’s based on a three-day split that is originally structured as follows: Week 1 Day 1 (Volume Day) Day 2 (Light Day) Day 3 (Intensity Day) Squat x 5 x 5 Bench x 5 x 5 Deadlift x 5 x 1 Squat x 5 x 2 @ 80% of Day 1 Press x 5 x 3 Chins x max reps x…

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Last Minute Christmas/Holiday Gifts For the Lifter On Your List

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By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, Starting Strength Staff, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach Well folks, it’s that time of year again and though this is a little late, I just want to do right by all my fellow strength and conditioning junkies out there and give the people shopping for them some gift ideas. You know, ones that don’t completely suck. For other gift ideas, check out last year’s posts here, here,  here, and here. First off, some books! I was hoping my book would be done and out by now, but after switching the original plan- an eBook– to a…

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Rebuttal to “The Truth About Experts”

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By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, Starting Strength Staff, CSCS, USAW CC, HFS ________________________________________________________________________ In general, articles on the Internet tend to come in three different flavors: a) chock full of useful information and analysis from a scientific viewpoint by a subject matter expert (self proclaimed or not), b) entertainment-based musings, or c) a blatant hatchet job written for the sole purpose of denigrating someone who’s well known in order to get your readership up. The article we’ll be discussing today falls into the latter category and both the author and publisher over at Juggernaut knew full well what they were doing….

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Programming For the CrossFit Games Athlete Part 5

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By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW CC, Starting Strength Staff You can read parts one, 1.5, two , three, and four, before checking this installment in. To begin with, here is my athlete ladies and gents: [youtube=http://youtu.be/lKKX4aFzjs8] He’s a dark horse and I’m looking forward to seeing how he does in competition. That being said, let’s check some programming. What you’re looking at is the start of some more block periodization as we incorporate more and more conditioning work in. We’re also trying to improve/maintain strength, which should be evident by all the barbell work. Week 1: Cycle 2:…

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By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, HFS, USAW CC, Starting Strength Coach

  1. Week 6: Cycle 1: Peaking (2 of 2)
    1. Day 1

i.     Bench Press- up to 1RM

ii.     WOD: 15-12-9 of 225lb bench press, strict chin ups + 45lbs (5 min cap)

We’re in the final week of our first cycle of training, the end of the peaking phase. You’ll notice just how low the volume has gotten on all the exercises but the intensity is very high! Also, this athlete will not have access to bumpers or other fancy equipment for the next six days, hence the focus on the classic slow lifts. After this week the athlete will be pretty beat up and in need of a nice deload week, after which the in-season training begins towards the CrossFit Open.

As an aside, this lifter hit a buttery smooth 255 snatch @ 180lb bodyweight. Everyone better be on the lookout, we’ve got a serious dark horse!

  1. Day 2

i.     Front Squat up to 1RM (no misses)

ii.     Deadlift up to 1RM (no misses)

iii.     WOD: 7 min AMRAP 5 DB snatches (each arm), 10 knees to elbows

  1. Day 3

i.     OFF

  1. Day 4

i.     Press- up to 1RM

ii.     WOD: 10 min AMRAP: 10 pushups (hand release), 10 ring rows (inverted rows)

  1. Day 5

i.     Back Squat- up to 1RM

ii.     WOD: 1 round of: 30 backsquats (50% 1Rm), 30 burpees, run 800m

  1. Day 6

i.     Off

  1. Day 7

i.     Clean and Jerk up to 1RM

ii.     WOD: 21-15-9 snatches @ 135, chest to bar pullups, handstand push ups


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Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete pt. 1.5

By | Recovery, Training, Weightlifting | 2 Comments

Just a little pre-weekend update before I head down to Atlanta to hang out with the Starting Strength crew and help out at Rip’s seminar being held at AK CrossFit. Should be a good time, but I wanted to get into how I would go about identifying goals and programming them for the specific blocks in the macrocycle. In part one of this series, we broke up the training into four phases: November 14-Dec 31= Block 1 (Preparation Phase) Jan 1- February 14= Block 2 (Pre-Season Phase) February 14- End of Competition (In-Season Phase) End of Competition- Resumption of Preparation…

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Programming for the CrossFit Games Athlete: Part I

By | Training, Weightlifting | 3 Comments

By Jordan Feigenbaum Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly seen or heard of the CrossFit Games. An annual competition, the CrossFit Games (CFG) and their sponsors attract some of the top athletes from around the world to come and battle it out for the title “Fittest Man” or “Fittest Woman” on the planet. To the degree that this self-proclaimed moniker is accurate is beyond the scope of this article, but there is no denying the athleticism and high degree of fitness of the people competing in and winning these competitions. These guys…

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