Barbell Medicine


Barbell Medicine is based around one-on-one online coaching, and we excel at it.

If you need help with exercise programming, nutrition, or recovering from pain and injury, you are in the right place.

We have the expertise, experience, and grounding in evidence-based practice to help you achieve your goals.

Shoulder Pain While Lifting

Our Offerings
All of our one-on-one services are provided by your own, dedicated coach, who will regularly correspond with you and develop a customized plan based on your needs and will adjust based on your input and how you respond. You would have well-qualified online fitness coach who is focused on your success.
Barbell Medicine
Athletic Programming
General Fitness, Strength & Athletic Development
We coach people who have little or no experience with exercise all the way through athletes who compete at the national and international levels of powerlifting. While we help many people with barbell work and strength sports, we are not limited to that.

Many of our clients have aesthetic, endurance, fitness, and health-related goals. We train teenagers through adults into their 90s, healthy through infirm. You will be in good hands with us.
Barbell Medicine
Nutritional Coaching
Optimized diets to meet your weight & performance goals
Whether you want lose weight, optimize your food intake for athletics, or carefully gain weight without needlessly compromising your health, we can help. Our approach to diet is informed by medical and nutritional science, coupled with an emphasis on behavioral change.

Making nutritional progress is often less about providing reams of facts than finding ways to remove obstacles in daily life to make dietary changes easier to implement.
Barbell Medicine
Group Programming and Form Checks
Options for novice lifters, power builders & powerlifters
If having a dedicated, one-on-one fitness coach is more than you might want at present, we offer online group training. The group provides programming based on three different goals: generalized strength and conditioning, hypertrophy, and competitive powerlifting.

The group has a team of coaches to provide feedback, evaluate lifting videos, and answer questions. It is intended for individuals that have approximately six months of barbell training under their belts. For those that just want a qualified and experienced coach to evaluate their mechanics on a single lift, we offer that too.
Barbell Medicine
Pain and Injury Rehabilitation
General Fitness, Strength & Athletic Development
When an injury sidelines you, or if you have been struggling with chronic pain, our clinicians have a uniquely effective approach managing discomfort and returning you to the activities and quality of life you want. We focus on the biological and structural elements of injury, coupled with psychological and expectations-related components of the experience of pain.

With a focus on helping you gain control of your situation, we offer both one-time consultations and ongoing coaching and management for recovery from pain and injury.

Who We are

Barbell Medicine was founded by Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum in 2013 to bring some of the best practices of strength training and modern medicine together. He assembled a team of clinicians and staff to support the company’s work that includes other medical doctors, doctors of physical therapy, medical doctors in training, registered dieticians, psychologists, and experienced coaches.

Our team is driven a desire to stay on top of the continual advancements in medicine, nutrition, and exercise science and to learn from one another to provide the best service and results to our clients. Whether you need help to become stronger, faster, leaner, healthier, more endurance, or to overcome a difficult injury and return to your favorite activities, we have the personnel and experience to make that possible. You see all the members of our staff and their biographies on our coaches page.

We mentioned above that we work with a wide range of ages, abilities, and interests. While that is a common claim to make, we truly have helped people from tremendously varying backgrounds get stronger and healthier. That includes clients in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, some of whom have never exercised in a structured way before. We have coaches that have trained clients for national and world championship powerlifting competitions, as well as helped people run their first 5K races or marathons.


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