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Pain is a common, if not universal, experience of life. Most people view pain through a mechanical lens, as if the body operates like a machine that is prone to breaking and “wearing out”. In this view, pain serves an accurate indicator of damage to their bodily tissues — the idea that “hurt” always indicates “harm”. While this view is commonly perpetuated in society and by healthcare professionals, the past several decades of research have shown it to be inaccurate. We are complex organisms with many differences compared to machines — principally, the ability to adapt. We now understand that pain is a complex experience that is more related to the perception of threat and a need for protection than active tissue damage. Furthermore, this experience can be influenced by a number of biological, psychological, and social / environmental factors, which we refer to as biopsychosocial factors. Below is a compendium of our published content on Pain, Injury, and Related topics.

We hope these articles, podcasts, and videos are helpful to you, but if you need more specific direction, we would recommend a consultation with our pain and rehab team (at the bottom of the page here).

Last updated 4.19.2021.

General Overview of Pain and Pain Management


Specific Topics

Injury Risk Reduction


Chiropractic Care

Imbalances and Symmetry

Movement and Injury




Pelvic Tilt

Rib Pain

Running Injuries

Pain Medication

Content by Specific Joint


Lower Back



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