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Women’s Only Monthly Group Programming

$75.00 / month

Historically, our coaching and programming services have been limited to a 1-on-1 arrangement, with the coach interacting directly with the lifter over the long term, managing their individualized training and form checks on a daily or weekly basis.

As our operations have grown, demand has increased dramatically- a good thing to be sure However, 1-on-1 coaching or stand-alone templates may not always be the best fit for everyone and people are still in need of assistance with programming and coaching for various training goals. For that reason, we have worked to offer people more options, and we now offer a new group offering: women’s only group programming.

Imagine a continuum of coaching with the Barbell Medicine Templates on one end and 1-on-1 coaching on the other. The templates are a set of 4, 8-, and 12-week programming templates designed for various goals that have already become extremely popular and widely utilized, These are the lowest cost and most accessible option, but are short-term options and do not come with regular contact, technique feedback, or individualization by a coach.

On the other end is 1-on-1 coaching where the programming is highly individualized (typically with nutrition guidance) and there is frequent interactions with your coach, form checks, feedback, etc.

In the middle of these two options, we aim to “Bridge” the gap between the Templates and 1-on-1 coaching with Group Programming, an option that offers long-term programming in a group setting at relatively low cost, with regular contact through with the coaching staff for form checks, guidance, and general Q&A along the way.

Barbell Medicine wants to actively support and promote training and more exercise overall among women.  We have a broad male audience, and we have a growing and interactive female audience as well. We know that there are many programs targeted toward women that promote inaccurate information, make false promises, and often under-estimate what women can do when they train well. These women’s specialized programs can be developed under false pretenses about potential training differences and expected training outcomes.  We want to actively help ALL who are interested in training, and we want to bring evidenced-based programming, coaching, and education to as many individuals as possible. We also know that many women have already experienced dumb training programs, harassment in the gym, minimization of their physical abilities, and marginalization in many strength settings, whether those in their circle do this intentionally or not. We are confident that the programs and training education standards can be raised for women.

Barbell Medicine has many existing resources to help women train: programming, videos, podcasts, articles, and a coaching staff well-experienced in training women of various experience levels and training needs. We want to help women implement what is available and beneficial to them, helping them get past some of the barriers that commonly exist surrounding women, training, barbells, gyms, and an often male-dominated field. 

We have spoken quite a bit about our philosophy regarding training and “special” populations, so we have information out there already about our stance on training people, not male/female/young/old, etc. Because of this, we have been hesitant to promote and sell a “women’s” program.  Yet we are confident that providing more practical and personal ways for women to begin and continue resistance training will be of great benefit to many. 

There is one group that we will place Women’s Group Programming members into based on the information in their questionnaires. Training will be delivered via email at the end of each month and billing will be automatically drafted monthly. You can cancel at any time.

Group: Beginner to Early Intermediate

This group is designed for women new to barbell training or those just completing any novice training program, The Bridge, or similar. The focus of this group will be learning the movements (with gradual introduction of various lift variations), developing strength, work capacity, and technique refinement for our trainees. This group is coached by an all women’s coaching staff.

For women who compete and would like group programming, we offer the standard group programming option, but we do not currently run a women’s-only competitive group. We encourage you to sign up on the main group page if you are a competitor, and like the title suggests, this group is designed for those going to a powerlifting meet.