Barbell Medicine - From Bench to Bedside

4 Week Oly Template

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Updated 3.11.2019

This is an example of how I would program some Olympic lifting in for someone early in their development, e.g. fresh off the novice LP, an early intermediate who is Oly-Curious, or someone without extensive prior exposure to the Olympic lifts.

If you’re of advanced age, this probably isn’t for you. Tommy Suggs told me that he didn’t think squats, deadlifts, or presses ever beat him up. Rather, it was the dynamic lifts like the clean, jerk, and snatch that really did it for him. While I’m typically a contrarian on all things “pain” related, it seems foolish to brush off a wise man’s advice.

  • For those post novice
  • Early Olympic lifting development
  • Uses RPE
  • 4 days/week
  • Includes conditioning (additional 2 days or added after a training session)
  • Equipment-Olympic bar, bumper plates
  • Includes Video Playlist