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7 Week GPP Hypertrophy Bias (3-Day) – Version 2.0


This is a new version of our original 3-day hypertrophy template with updated volume and exercise selections for optimal results based on data collected from past users. Additionally, our new templates have been redesigned with a focus on usability and user experience.  No refunds are available for downloadable products at this time. 

This purchase includes both the pound and kilo version of the template.

To begin, let’s make sure this is the right template for you:

Are you a novice? If yes, do the Novice LP.

Are you are a lifter post-novice who is healthy and wants to pursue training with hypertrophy (muscle size increase) as the primary goal while not giving up strength improvements, then you’ve come to the right place!

This program works best for hypertrophy when the trainee is actively gaining weight. Conversely, this program could also be used for one who wants to lean out, as the added volume and lower fatigue demands likely work well for this application as well.

That said, I probably wouldn’t run this program back-to-back, but rather plug it in as sort of a “palate cleanse” between programs with different (non hypertrophy) priorities. In other words, if you ran a strength-oriented program before and after this template, that’d work well.

Overall, you’ll see an example of how I would program for an intermediate lifter who wants to take some time getting jacked. The volume and exercise selection are intentional for this application.

Other characteristics of this program:

  • Post-novice with specific goal of muscle size increase
  • Designed to be run following or before the 12 week strength block, after LP or Bridge, after HLM, after the GPP Endurance template
  • Works best when you are actively gaining weight
  • Can be used when you are leaning out as it provides added volume and lower fatigue demands helpful when in a deficit
  • Should be used in a cycle with a strength program
  • High volume training, specific exercise selections
  • Uses RPE and/or percentages
  • 3 day/week
  • Includes conditioning (additional 2 days or added after a training session)
  • Equipment-rack, barbell, free weights, bench, incline bench, optional: DBs, leg press, SSB
  • Includes Video Playlist