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Time Crunch + Pivot Template – Version 2.0


This is a new version of our original 4-week Time Crunch template. We’ve extended the template an additional 4 weeks (now 8 weeks total) in order to help transition back to normal training. We’ve also updated the exercise selection, volume, and intensity recommendations based on data collected from v1.0 users. Additionally, our new templates have been redesigned with a focus on usability and user experience.

This purchase includes both the pound and kilo version of the template.


This is a 3-day strength and conditioning template designed to be run two to three times a year when time is extremely limited. Each session is designed to last ~60 min from start to finish while still providing adequate stimuli for strength and hypertrophy so you stay jacked, avoid detraining, and don’t lose your mind from not training.

The first 4 weeks of the template is the Time-Crunch portion, whereas the second 4 weeks is a pivot block to help get back towards normal training with gradual increases in volume, average intensity, and overall fatigue.

Fun fact, Dr. Feigenbaum used this program while he was rotating through the intensive care unit (ICU) in residency. Two weeks after that rotation ended and a slight taper, he squatted an all-time personal best at 600lbs.

Other features of the program include:

  • 3 days per week training for both 4 week blocks
  • Training time per session only 60 minutes or less
  • Can be run 2-3 times a year between other training cycles
  • Provides a way to keep training when time is short
  • Introduces RPE and also provides percentages
  • There is 1 optional conditioning element included for the first 4 weeks. More extensive GPP/conditioning included for the last 4 weeks.
  • Equipment-rack, barbell, free weights, bench; optional-leg press
  • Includes Video Playlist and logger

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