Issue 12 – December 2019



Every month Drs. Jordan Feigenbaum, Austin Baraki, Derek Miles, and Michael Ray pick one scientific paper a piece that pertains to strength training, nutrition, pain science, injury management, or other related topics and writes an editorial describing the methods, results, overall impact, and practical application of the paper being discussed.

Then, all four editorials are peer-reviewed by the other doctors to make sure that the information being delivered in the BMR is accurate and accessible. We also provide citations for both the primary paper being discussed as well as the supporting evidence where applicable.

Issue 12 – December 2019 – Topics Include:

1. Weight the Evidence on Low Back Pain by Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum

2. What are the placebo effects of spinal injections for people with chronic back pain? by Dr. Austin Baraki

3. Is there one type of exercise to rule them all when addressing low back pain? by Dr. Michael Ray

4. Base Rates of Spondylolysis in Adolescent Athletes: Broken Statistics About Pain and Diagnosis by Dr. Derek Miles


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