Bodybuilding I Template

Contains three 6-week blocks of programming that can be run in isolation, e.g. one block at a time between other programs, or in succession, e.g. one-after-another. Also included is 25-page eBook discussing the science of hypertrophy, nutrition, and programming.



While similar to our hypertrophy templates, the Bodybuilding Template includes more isolation work, more training volume, and some advanced techniques designed to maximize muscular hypertrophy. That said, it is likely that some individuals will actually respond better, e.g. gain more muscle, to some of our other programs, given that there are large differences in how individuals respond to a given program. However, these templates and accompanying text serve as a guide for prioritizing muscular size.

Who Should Use This Template?

This template is primarily aimed at two groups of people:

1. Individuals who have been training for 6 months or more, who are looking to prioritize gaining muscular size. If someone is relatively new to training, we’d recommend completing our Beginner Template or Prescription first.

2. Individuals who have been focused on strength, e.g. they’ve been running a powerlifting-type program or similar, who are looking to break up their training for 4-6+ weeks with a size-focused program.

Finally, these templates can be ran in either a calorie surplus (e.g. weight gain) or deficit (e.g. weight loss) depending on goals. See the nutrition section of this document for further discussion here.

Program Structure Overview

There are three 6-Week templates included in the .zip file. These templates, e.g. Bodybuilding I, II and III, each representing a single training mesocycle or block of training. In general, we’d recommend individuals starting with the Bodybuilding I before graduating to the Bodybuilding II and, similarly, completing Bodybuilding II before Bodybuilding III. A 25-page eBook discussing the science of hypertrophy, nutrition, and programming is also included.

In each mesocycle, the weekly program includes both resistance training and aerobic conditioning in order to both increase muscular size and meet the current exercise guidelines for health purposes. Specifically, each week includes:

1. Four days of resistance training involving three to six exercises per day. Over the course of the training week, all the major muscle groups are hit with what we predict is the correct amount of volume, intensity, and frequency, to drive muscular hypertrophy. These workouts are ideally performed on a two-on, two-off schedule, e.g. M/T/R/F or T/W/F/Sat. However, if you have to schedule training days differently than this, that’s okay – and certainly better than not training at all!

2. Two days of conditioning. The Bodybuilding Template gradually introduces the trainee to aerobic and anaerobic conditioning elements over time to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, work capacity, and to help with reducing body fat.

3. One or two days of recommended arm and ab work. The Bodybuilding Template includes additional trunk (e.g. abs) and arm work to compliment the rest of the training program, which requires substantial contribution of the trunk and arm muscles, but do not target them directly.

With these features, the Bodybuilding Template contains three blocks of programming that can be run in isolation, e.g. one block at a time between other programs, or in succession, e.g. one-after-another. In the latter scenario, the individual can run this program for extended periods of time as long as the trainee is continuing to demonstrate a trend of improvement.

Equipment Needs

All three templates allow the user to select the exercises they wish to perform, which run the gamut from typical barbell exercises (e.g. squat) to machine-based exercises (e.g. leg extensions). It is possible to do the entire template with access to only a barbell, rack, and weights- though some of the exercise variation will necessarily be decreased AND, you’ll have to sub out some of the isolation work for bodyweight or barbell-based exercises. For example, instead of using a leg extension machine, an individual could do a banded leg extension sitting on a bench, a goblet squat, or box step-up. Similarly, instead of doing a leg press, an individual could do a split squat. In short, more resources for equipment increase the variations an individual can perform, though they aren’t strictly necessary.

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