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The “Flossing’’ of Fitness

Muscle mass is the number ONE biomarker of longevity. Simply developing and maintaining muscle will increase one’s likelihood of living ninety years more-so than any other given factor. Along with the obvious, sufficient muscle mass is positively correlated with the function of the body’s vital organs. You are capable of teaching the finer points of exercise and nutrition to your great-grandchildren! As Art De Vany once said, “you don’t lose muscle mass from age, you age from losing muscle mass”.

Old Man Strength

With increased muscle, usually comes increased strength. The potential is there, but what’s the use if you can’t lift your arms overhead or scratch your own back? Forget squatting, wouldn’t want to strain a hammy… Up to this point, you are basically all show and no go. Why live longer than Jack LaLanne if you aren’t capable of performing basic daily activity through full range of motion without pain or restriction?


I’d rather thrive.

You don’t have to sacrifice muscle, but you DO have to wear velcro sneakers.

So, Why are you skimping out on one of the most vital components of life and physical fitness?

“It hurts.”

Give me a break, you’ve all cried to Jesus during heavy squats or conditioning from the underworld and you STILL show up the following workout. Next…

“It’s boring.”

Agreed, but so is brushing your teeth… (I hope you all brush your teeth.)

“It takes too long.”

There are over 600 muscles in the human body. Do you really think you have the time?Each one of us are restricted through specific ranges of motion, so focus on your “pain in the bum” (which could be taken both figuratively and literally). 10-20 minutes each day will make a difference. Prioritize it.

Not sure where to start? Check out Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD if you haven’t.

Being an adult is hard. I get it. But you are solely responsible for taking care of yourself. Basic maintenance and rehabilitation of the very tissue that makes this life possible is no exception. Don’t be that guy or gal…

This topic will receive a lot more attention in the near future, so hang around.

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