The Pendulum of Specificity Part III: Hypertrophy

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS Anatomy and Physiology, Starting Strength Staff,  HFS, CSCS, USAW Club Coach In part three of this series, we’re going to discuss the practical application of the previous two concepts we discussed, e.g. training specificity and fatigue, to an outcome hypertrophy. Hypertrophy refers to the increased size of a tissue and in our […]

7 Rules to Optimize Protein Intake

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, Starting Strength Staff, USAW CC, HFS In general, I am not a fan of rules, dogma, or rigid guidelines. That being said, what follows are what I consider to be the most important variables when it comes to optimizing protein intake for anyone. While there are sure to be inter-individual […]

2013 USAPL/IPF Raw Challenge @ The Arnold Report

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all the support and for checking up on me. It was a fun day at the Arnold and although things didn’t go as well as planned I still had a blast and learned a lot. Additionally, I saw some super impressive lifters. Here’s how the day went:Wake Up Call: 530am. Headed […]

Meet Recap….Learning Lessons

This past week I competed at the USAPL NE Regionals in Philadelphia, PA and had, by far, my worst performance at a meet ever. The reasons for the performance are multifactorial and I’ll attempt to briefly expound on them so others can learn from my mistakes. I’d also like to thank all the judges, officials, […]


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