3-Week Barbell Medicine Powerlifting Peaking Template

The Beginner Prescription

Barbell Medicine
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Authors: Jordan Feigenbaum, MD and Austin Baraki, MD

Who is this program for?


Individuals who are new to exercise and/or resistance training (less than 3-6 months of experience in a formal training program).

Returning To Action

Individuals returning from an extended layoff (more than 4 weeks) from resistance training. We get it: life happens and one missed session sometimes turns into a longer break from the gym. The Beginner Template is a great on-ramp for those who have been out of the gym for a while.

Injury Recovery

Individuals returning from an injury. These folks may have been running one of our rehab templates or working with our rehabilitation coaches. Regardless, if a lifter has been unable to train normally for a substantial period of time (more than 4-6 weeks), they are also a candidate to use this template.
Barbell Medicine
“I have struggled for a while with going to the gym and now my confidence has really increased. I just want to say thank you for your service and time so far!”
Rebecca Rose

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