Caleb Viau

May 20, 2023
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    Caleb Viau is a performance coach located in Norfolk, Virginia. He has worked at length with various populations, from first-time gym-goers to elite powerlifters. Over his coaching career, he has refined his philosophy and believes a successful coach/ client
    relationship is built on communication, education, and adaptability. What he loves most about coaching is empowering others to realize how capable they truly are, watching the confidence they build in the gym reflected in their everyday lives.

    Following completion of his Exercise Science degree from Old Dominion University Caleb turned his goals towards medicine and is currently enrolled at Eastern Virginia Medical School working towards his Master’s degree in biomedical science where he hopes to matriculate directly into their Medical Doctorate program.

    When not in the gym or studying, you can find Caleb reading, stargazing, or finding any reason to get outside.

    Powerlifting performance
    2017 USPA Drug tested nationals open and junior division (2nd)
    Best lifts
    650# Squat
    395# Bench
    680# Deadlift


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