The Effect of Resistance Training on High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a key vital sign that describes the force the blood exerts on the walls of the blood vessels. Blood pressure readings are comprised of both the systolic (the “top” number) and diastolic (the “bottom” number) values that correspond to the contraction or relaxation phases of the cardiac cycle, respectively. As of this […]

What I’m Reading

By Jordan Feigenbaum Hey there, readers! A different kind of post today and luckily for those of you who are still recovering from reading about my CrossFit experience it’s a short one. I often get asked “What should I read?” as it pertains to increasing one’s knowledge base to advance their career in the fitness […]

Meet Recap….Learning Lessons

This past week I competed at the USAPL NE Regionals in Philadelphia, PA and had, by far, my worst performance at a meet ever. The reasons for the performance are multifactorial and I’ll attempt to briefly expound on them so others can learn from my mistakes. I’d also like to thank all the judges, officials, […]

2012 USAPL Raw Nationals

I’ll be chronicling my participation in the USAPL Raw Nationals (181 class) on this post and will update it throughout the weekend. You can watch the live stream here http://www.usapowerlifting.com/. Pre Meet Prep: Taper started two weeks ago. No heavy pulls in last 14 days. Hoping to be super fresh when I hit the platform. […]

Top 10 Songs To Squat To

I had an excellent squat session today. Getting ready for a meet in March and switched to 3’s. Hit 200kg x 3 x 3 with just a belt. This and a suggestion from another one of our authors got me thinking- what songs do I choose to squat to? Before all my top sets I […]


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