General Strength & Conditioning II Template

The General Strength and Conditioning II Template blends training for strength, size, and muscular power with conditioning into one customizable program.  This program is great for athletes, weekend warriors, and strength enthusiasts who want to improve both strength and conditioning. This download comes with two 10-week templates and a 65-page eBook discussing programming theory, nutrition, and more!



Is your conditioning a weak spot for you? Having trouble maintaining your gains whenever you add cardio to your lifting program? Look no further, this is the template for you!


We all know that cardio is important for both health and performance, but programming it alongside a serious strength training program can be a daunting task.  Let us take the guesswork out of your training and check out The General Strength and Conditioning II Template. 

This template combines the latest in exercise science with real-world coaching results from 1000’s of individuals. It has a number of unique features:

  • Two 10-Week templates to suit a wide range of individual’s needs, training resources, and training preferences. (A 3-and 4-day version included)
  • Completely customizable exercise selection designed to give the user total control of what lifts they’re doing.
  • The program’s volume and intensity adapt to match the user’s current fitness levels 
  • 65-page eBook discussing programming theory and design, nutrition, how-to measure and manage progress, and much more!


Who’s it for?

This template is primarily aimed at Individuals who have been training for ~12 months or more and who are looking to improve strength, size, power, and conditioning.  If someone is relatively new to training, we’d recommend completing our Beginner Template or Prescription

As the name implies, The General Strength and Conditioning II Template focuses primarily on improving strength and conditioning. It can be used as an off-season program for an athlete. general strength training, during a weight loss phase, or as a conditioning-focused training phase for a serious lifter. 

What do you need to use this template?

Equipment-wise, we recommend that folks have access to barbells, a rack, weights, and a bench. Additional stuff like an adjustable bench, dumbbells, etc. are nice, but not necessary for this template. The user can select their own exercises based on equipment availability and preferences.

For conditioning, running, rowing, cycling, and other modes are all fine options depending on access and personal preferences. 


There are two, 10-week strength and conditioning templates containing two blocks of programming. One is a 3-days-per-week lifting program and the other is 4-days-per week. Conditioning is programmed 3- to 5-days per week. 

We expect each lifting session to take between 50- to 80-minutes depending on the individual. The length of conditioning sessions range 20- to 50-minutes. 


The General Strength and Conditioning II Template is a great choice for those who want to improve their strength and cardio. The conditioning programming can be used alongside other training programs, while the discussion in the included eBook will help enthusiasts and coaches alike.

Happy Training! 

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