The Bridge

This is an expanded version of our Free Bridge Template with user-selected exercise variation and updated volume and intensity prescriptions based on data collected from previous users. Additionally, this new template has been redesigned to match our latest templates with respect to usability and formatting.


This is a 10-week, 3-day per week template that is focused on developing strength in the Big Four movements, e.g. squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press.  The template allows the user to select exercises based on their preferences, but otherwise includes rep and intensity schemes aimed to increase strength, muscle size, movement proficiency, and work capacity with a bias towards improving the squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift. If you’re a brand-new lifter, just coming off the Bridge V1.0, HLM, or Beginner Template or Prescription, then I would recommend this template.

As far as what’s better, HLM or The Bridge? I don’t really have a preference. I think both can be brutally effective for the right population. When compared to our less-specific HLM template, this template devotes more training resources towards the lifts mentioned above, though still uses a good amount of variation. Furthermore, I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying one is better than the other, as I think the individual’s responses to the training will end up dictating the program that works better instead of any specific difference in programming variable(s).

The Bridge can be described by the following:

  • Strength-focused program designed to be run after The Beginner Template or other similar entry-level program.
  • Increased variation in rep schemes, exercise selection, and intensity
  • Introduces RPE and also provides percentages
  • 3 days/week
  • Includes conditioning (additional 2 days or added after a training session)
  • Equipment: rack, barbell, free weights, bench, optional-leg press and Safety Squat Bar (SSB)
  • Includes Video Playlist and logger

*Customers receive FREE lifetime updates to the template. No refunds are available for downloadable products at this time.


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