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Location: London 2013

Jordan is at CrossFit Evolving teaching a
private seminar the biomechanics of
the deadlift and powerclean.


Location: Seattle 2013

Jordan is at Eastside Strength and Conditioning
discussing the anatomical nuances pertaining
to barbell training at a Starting Strength Level II seminar.


Location: Amsterdam 2013

Jordan is at Reebok Crossfit 020 leading a group of seminar
attendees through the low bar back squat. Ivelina, pictured
here, came all the way from Bulgaria and has a text book squat.

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Protein Slows Digestion? Nope.

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, Starting Strength Staff, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach In response to this gem of an article. I answered this on the Starting Strength nutrition forum, but I thought I’d repost it here. The article’s claims are italicized and my responses are in bold.  The food that we consume is absorbed and its nutrients […]


7 Rules to Optimize Protein Intake

By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, CSCS, Starting Strength Staff, USAW CC, HFS In general, I am not a fan of rules, dogma, or rigid guidelines. That being said, what follows are what I consider to be the most important variables when it comes to optimizing protein intake for anyone. While there are sure to be inter-individual […]

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140kg Snatch

Force Matters

By Austin Baraki   Introduction Today we’ll be discussing a paper published in the Journal of Sports Sciences in April of this year (see here)  analyzing the biomechanics of the vertical jump, power clean, and jump squat. The vertical jump is often used as a diagnostic test to evaluate an athlete’s ability to generate power; […]

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Muscle Physiology 101 + HBBS vs. LBBS

Stole this from this thread. Read the whole thing for funsies if you’re inclined. 1) On force production: Why a lighter load moved at the same velocity as a heavier load CANNOT require the same (or certainly not more) force production by the skeletal muscles. Statement: Force production as measured at the bar is less […]