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      Latest from: Nutrition


      Transforming My Life, One Rep at a Time

      By Leah Lutz Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about my new hobby, my new life, and my new confidence. My life has been profoundly altered with strength training and the nutrition coaching from Barbell Medicine. Three years ago, January 2013, I sent an email to a random guy on the […]

      Watch the Barbell Medicine Nutrition Seminar Online!

      This past Winter Tom Campitelli and I once again toured through Europe. While in London, we visited CrossFit Perpetua where I did a nutrition seminar to a very small group- mainly because it was like a day or two before Christmas. Anyway, we recorded it, cleaned it up, and finally have uploaded it for rent […]

      GainzZz™ in Clinical Practice Part IV

      By Austin Baraki Sorry for the delay, folks! I’ve been busy graduating from medical school :). We’ve made it to the fourth, final, and most important article in our series. Before we begin, let’s briefly review what we’ve covered so far. In our first article we defined sarcopenia as a loss of skeletal muscle mass […]

      Latest from: Training

      BBM SSLP

      Barbell Medicine’s Starting Strength Training Group

      Why barbell training? The Starting Strength Linear Progression is an efficient, effective method to build strength for people from all walks of life from all different backgrounds. If you’ve never worked through a comprehensive strength training program (one with a plan, clear progress, and an end goal), the SS linear progression is for you. Some […]


      General Strength Training Template for the Intermediate/Advanced

      By Jordan Feigenbaum Hey there! I was contacted by Scivation a few months back to come up with a series of workouts geared toward improving strength, as this is right in my wheelhouse. They’ll be releasing the workouts on their Instagram little by little, but I wrote a longer article to explain the how and […]


      Powerlifter Switches to CrossFit, “Competes” in the Open, Hilarity Ensues

      By Jordan Feigenbaum So this is about a week two weeks late, but I thought I would catalogue my thoughts about how my foray into the world of CrossFit has been going along with my reflections on the 2016 CrossFit Open. On October 17th I competed in my last powerlifting meet, 2015 USAPL Raw Nationals, […]

      Latest from: Potpourri

      Survey for an App

      Hey everyone! I’m working on a cool (to me) project that would be helpful for tracking nutritional parameters in a more user friendly way than what’s currently available. If you get a second, please fill out the survey below: http://goo.gl/forms/wSoqUNCo82

      Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference 2014

      5 Fitness Myths That Need to Die

      By Jordan Feigenbaum MS, Starting Strength Staff, CSCS, HFS, USAW Club Coach After explaining these same issues over and over again literally hundreds of times in great detail, I figured I’d put up an abridged version for the ADHD/4 hour work week crowd. These 5 common fallacies have been around too damn long and they […]


      St. Vincent Lecture