Low Fatigue Strength Template and Programming Book

The Low Fatigue Strength templates integrates the latest in exercise science with real-world coaching results from 1000’s of individuals in a completely customizable format. It contains four unique 16-Week strength and conditioning templates to meet nearly anyone’s needs. Also included is an 80-page eBook discussing programing theory and design, how-to troubleshoot plateaus, how-to measure and manage progress, and, much more!


Are you wanting a program that prioritizes strength development using the latest in scientific evidence? Have previous strength programs been too fatiguing for the results you saw? Do you want to learn about programming theory and program design using an evidence-based approach? The new Low Fatigue Strength Templates and accompanying programming eBook are just what the doctors ordered!


The Low Fatigue Strength templates integrates the latest in exercise science with real-world coaching results from 1,000’s of individuals. It has a number of unique features:

  • Four 16-Week templates to suit a wide range of individual’s needs, training resources, and training preferences.
  • Completely customizable exercise selection designed to give the user total control of what lifts they’re doing.
  • The program’s volume and intensity are adaptable to match the user’s current fitness levels and is targeted for trained individuals.
  • A peaking phase for those wanting to test their 1-Rep Maxes at the end.
  • 80-page eBook discussing programming theory and design, how-to troubleshoot plateaus, how-to measure and manage progress, and, much more!

Who’s it for?

This template is primarily aimed at Individuals who have been training for ~12 months or more and who are looking to prioritize maximal strength improvement.  If someone is relatively new to training, we’d recommend completing our Beginner Template or Prescription and then one of our strength-focused templates like Strength I before considering this template.

As the name implies, Low Fatigue Strength Template focuses primarily on maximal strength development. It can be used to prepare for a powerlifting meet or for general strength training, depending on the exercises selected by you, the user.

While strength is also the prioritized goal in our Strength I, II, and III templates, the Low Fatigue Template uses a different approach from a programming standpoint. As the name implies, the programs included in this download generate less fatigue than our other strength templates, which is accomplished primarily by staying further away from failure. This approach may work better for some folks and is discussed in greater detail in the accompanying text.

Finally, the templates included in this download can be run in either a calorie surplus (e.g. weight gain) or deficit (e.g. weight loss) depending on goals.  See the nutrition section of this document for further discussion here.

What do you need to use this template?

Equipment-wise, we recommend that folks have access to barbells, a rack, weights, and a bench. Additional stuff like an adjustable bench, dumbbells, etc. are nice, but not necessary for this template. The user can select their own exercises based on equipment availability and preferences.


There are four, 16-week strength and conditioning templates containing three blocks of programming. The four 16-Week templates in this product are:

  1. 3-Day per week Low Intraset Fatigue Template
  2. 3-Day per week Medium Intraset Fatigue Template
  3. 4-Day per week Low Intraset Fatigue Template
  4. 4-Day per week Medium Intraset Fatigue Template

Both the Medium and Low Intraset Fatigue (ISF) templates are designed to produce a lower amount of fatigue by training further away from muscular failure. The Medium ISF Template has a higher average intensity than the Low ISF template while maintaining within a moderate range of failure through use of multiple sets at RPE 7 or 3 RIR. The Low ISF Template stays even further from failure, with many sets at RPE 6 or less, but maintaining higher intensity “top sets.”  Both templates have comparable levels of training volume, exposure to single-rep efforts, etc., so they differ mainly by average intensity and rep schemes.

Here is a sample week from the 3-day Medium ISF template:

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